I started thinking about my purpose at quite an early age.  

I have spent a long time in silence trying to understand our purpose as people on this planet. Since childhood I have felt at home in nature and with animals... Knowing and listening to what they spoke about, in ways and with words that weren't like my own... And yet I could understand them. As a teenager I was introduced to the Quakers, I grew to use peaceful protests as a way to stand up for what I believed in. I found my place in the world through my unwavering yet fluid spirituality. Which has given me an extra dimension to swim in and resort to... both as the world supports and challenges me. I'm hands down a humanitarian. My spirituality, activism and nature loving values align nicely with this work. I have travelled and enjoy learning about different cultures, traveling also taught me about myself... My belonging, my ancestors and my birth country. I was born and brought up in Australia. On the lands of the oldest living human civilianization. Yet l know little about the culture of my own birth country and its 1st Nation peoples. In 2019 I set out to SPROUT, which has incorporated 'Human centered design' as a way to develop a community focused project. . My main aim is to help nature and the 1st Nations of Australia how and where we can.  


I spent my early 8 years in an army settlement in the outskirts of a town in Northern India. The settlement was newly constructed on a forest land. We used to get a lot of birds and native animals in our backyard. I grew up climbing trees, jumping in the puddles and talking to animals, trees and even the stones. Animals are still my best companion……However, coming from an army background, emotions, feelings and spirituality (not religion) had no place. We are a scientific, systematic and rule abiding family. I still remember, how I was labelled 'an emotional fool' for my empathy and care for the natural world.  

When I was 8-year-old, we moved to a bigger city. I found myself in a 5-story building totally isolated and disconnected from nature. Despite growing up in the city, with few occasions to connect to the natural world. My childhood experience and passion for nature turned into my life goal. I studied Environment science for both my graduate and postgraduate studies. And entered into the workforce to change the world with a lot of optimism and enthusiasm...Or so I thought. 

Very early on in my career I realized the greenwashing. I felt like a doctor who was putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. I decided to quit my job to study in detail the human-made systems. After another Post graduate study, it became more evident to me that humans need fixing.  

But what’s wrong with us? How can we fix ourselves? And this quest led me to Sprout. 



We met here at SPROUT.  We realized that though we are very different on the outside, literally on opposite ends of the spectrum. We share lot in common – aligned values, drives, passions and interests.


Our opposite traits and varied life experience and perspectives when combined are well rounded and holistic. We understand even science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. We are continually seeing that science and spirituality are mutually eliminating and mutually dependent. To develop a holistic culture like indigenous and traditional societies. We need to integrate and embody in knowing being and doing both the sensory and thinking functions of Western science with the – intuitive and instinctual areas.  


So, through this project we want to develop a culture which is holistic. A culture which is guided by human soul, connected with the spirit of the earth and our ancestors. We hope this new identity will help us heal with the earth.  



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  • Regenerating roots

We respectfully and gratefully acknowledge the continual custodians of this land on which we meet, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our deep respects to the elders of the past who took care of the land here for 70,000 years, the elders of the present and all the elders emerging... We recognize their continuing connection with the land, water and the community. 

We acknowledge sovereignty was never seeded.