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Our Honest Opinion on Covid

Covid - A Courageous Visiting Demon

A week ago, I had a bizarre dream.... I dreamed of Corona. He looked like an alien with an odd demeanour, straight out of a star war movie. His razor-sharp claws and terrifying fangs, with his slightly squished face, drooping ears, and tuffs of fur made him look quirky and a little frightening at the same time. He had a deep but repulsive grin spread on his face. All the non-humans (looked like animals and trees) were cheering and hailing him for his courage – hero of the animal kingdom. Wildlife seems to be enjoying the freedom of a quieter world. And then the dream was over.

The first thing I did that morning was to share this vivid dream with my close friends. My friends were not impressed. One of them said “It's not a joke or a laughing matter, humans are suffering”, and I agree. I deeply empathize with my fellow humans. I understand the anxiety and fear of unknown. And I am equally aware of my own privileges. I feel the pain for those living in imperfect living conditions, the racialized, the poor, or those with mental and physical impairments.

However, for a lot of humans dying occupies less head space but are most concerned about disruption in our daily activities due to lockdown. Corona has introduced us to conveniences that we either previously didn’t know about or didn’t consider. The convenience to travel anywhere we want, convenience to order the food rather than cook, convenience to purchase anytime by a click of a button, convenience of diversions and distraction. It's definitely an existential convenience crisis, if not an existential human crisis.

It seems like everything we know is being shredded slowly before our eyes. There is a slow destruction of capital wealth, jobs, everything created by humans for themselves. "Destruction" of anything terrifies and repulses us. Because when we spend time, effort, money and energy in building something, it is very disheartening when it gets ravaged and demolished. But the creation of something new and different, demands the destruction of the old and the typical. It reminds me of the movie Donnie Darko, where he says “Destruction is a form of creation".

In our own lives, we are continually emptying ourselves by destroying the old stuff,

relationships, believes, and values which no longer serves us. Hence in traditional cultures destroyers are not evils but God. From Shiva in Hinduism, Nergal in Mesopotamia, to Lua in Rome or Cizin in Mayan culture - each of them playing a vital role as the powerful dieties whose purpose is to destroy.

The virus is shattering our ego. Humans like to think that we are the masters of nature. And we can manage, manipulate and exploit it as a commodity with the purpose to serve us. Now, nature, in the form of a tiny virus, is reminding us that humans are just a part of the natural world, not above it. Covid forces us to hold the mirror in front of us and become aware of our impact on the collective. It forces us to see that, not only do we share this planet with millions of other species, but we all are interconnected through a complex network of relationships. Covid is a warning shot of the consequences of ignoring these connections.

“Let us take the mirror’s invitation to rethink our choices, decisions, values and beliefs. With this virus lets reshape the world into a more just, equal and sustainable place. “

Trigger warning ** Honest Content 

"The corona virus came out of nowhere (March 2020)–it chucked a spanner in the wheel I was a hamster on and a part of... Most of us know this wheel, business as usual, in Johanna Macey words.  It’s the 6am-6pm working day, emails on holidays, screen time till bed time or phone calls over breakfast. No wait, don’t switch off just yet. I know a lot of us live life on fast forward. I’d just like to express my experience these last few months with this virus that has turned our world and systems upside down. And that’s just the tip of it... 

Personally, since COVID I’m looking at my relationships with the world, the social world, the consuming world and my inner world. Only now that I'm staying still I am able to sit for time and watch the world go by.. I’m wondering how much of the world I was missing... Caught up in my work and grocery trips. Disguised and blinded by the conveniences of the modern system. Spinning in the offerings of our earth and all that she generously gives. 

It’s really interesting to me that although we have abundance and endless convenience our business as usual mentality has convinced us to want more... to think we need more... And it’s coming to the forefront that we are prioritizing economy over health and at points, others.

What have we been prioritizing? Have we been moving the right direction?

While we get caught up in this business as usual we are forgetting the lands and lives giving us this very abundance and convivence... For years science has been showing us the figures about our fate, with global warming, famine and inequality in front of our eyes.. (The great unraveling- in Johanna Macey’s words)... yet our default has become to turn a blind eye.

How can we listen closer to the land again and use innovative ways to tackle the consequences we now face?

Could Covid be The great turning

The great turning would be a complete shift in consciousness, a complete rebuilding of systems. New systems that pay equal mind to animals as well as all other living things, on land, in water and the skies. A system where we acknowledge our custodianship to our home planet, planet earth and all the living entities residing here. To me this virus seems hopeful. Us ecologically aware folks are holding our breath hoping this spanner will be the unraveling and turning of our time.. Unraveling to begin with then, a death and rebirth of a new time and era on our planet earth.

I’ve been thinking, what can I do? Learn from mistakes, re-educate myself, try to contribute to a new world that ensures more than just this Business as usual. A future that ensures gratitude and generosity to all lives we live amongst."


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