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All of Nature is born and will die.

As humans haven't we a sort of superiority?

As, like aren't we the most important entity on the planet?

The bees work for us, the trees supply for us, with the earth just FOR US...

We are superior… Wouldn’t you say?

We have our cars, planes, houses, credit ratings and watches to tell us the little time we have left to be at the next meeting...

Our natural rhythm often relying on something artificial. We forget even that very technology is reliant on a natural object… The planet Mercury.

The name for this superiority complex is... Anthropocentrism.

Anthropocentrism as written in the dictionary is:

ánthrōpos, "human being"; and Ancient Greek - kéntron, "center" is the belief that human beings are the most important entity in the universe.

I truly believe for a very long time we have believed that we are 'the center'

The center of planet earth, the top of the food chain, the best thing since sliced bread.

Countless years we have drilled, carved, cut away at mother earth to use resources.. We have taken, dismantled and grated land and natural reserve. Creating a take take take relationship between the natural planet and the human race.

When....... really it is a sacred symbiotic relationship we and all living things share.

The dictionary might not be the root of the systemic problem, but seeing the definition of Nature does support my complex theory.

In the modern dictionary


‘’The physical world collectively...Including plants, animals, landscape and features and products of the earth as a opposed to humans and human creations”

But the term nature originated from Latin word natura ‘birth, nature, quality’,

Modern dictionary seems to exclude us? Why? Shouldn’t we be included?

What sets us apart?

I love the dash no big fat dollop of superiority / Anthropocentric attitude.

It flies under the radar, what we read and subconciously or conciously believe..

Behind the scenes at Regenerative Roots recently we have had to look closely at Anthropocentrism. See on our table was the idea that starting a business/ social enterprise might be our next best step... our chosen direction turned down a difficult to navigate lane.. one new to us both, one we got did get lost in….In this new territory of legalities, budgets and graphs. We spent hours battling the mouse and keyboard to make sense of where we could go in the next year, somewhere hopefully sustainable that was worthy of funding (another new ballgame for us).

This new territory caused a bit of a distance in me from Regenerative -Roots.

But considering you can't collaborate alone.... We came full circle.

Thinking about what sustainability looks like and what is at our core.

At our core underneath these graphs and budgets and plans is connection, the essence of everything for us is connection: the healing, the nature...that's what we are all about... Reconnect people with themselves and the land, their spirit, the earths spirits and in this what is our savour- Nature...

It can’t be the other way around. Nature is not dependant on us.

We have spent countless hours devising a plan for this year. Our aim is to shift from Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism. Anthropocentrism you now know..

Ecocentrism is a term used to define nature-centred value systems like Deep Ecology or Veganism but I won't start on biocentrism or anything else...

Regenerative Roots endeavour to host a series called:

“Aligning our inner and outer world”

When the world realigns with health we want to explore ecocentric values and ideals.

What does it truly mean to mean to truly align ourselves with the nature?

Beginning with a podcast (and events) in April/ May 2020 with our theme -“Seasons’’

And what a better time with (the isolation) all that colour and weather change..

All that is shed and dies.

Lets see what new growth and knowledge we can gain and utilise for the internal time that follows in winter!

Watch this space.


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We respectfully and gratefully acknowledge the continual custodians of this land on which we meet, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our deep respects to the elders of the past who took care of the land here for 70,000 years, the elders of the present and all the elders emerging... We recognize their continuing connection with the land, water and the community. 

We acknowledge sovereignty was never seeded.